Under a new long-term partnership, Dtex Systems will help Aston Martin Racing stay at the front of the grid by protecting the intellectual property that delivers some of the highest performing race cars in the world.

Dtex Systems works with leading organisations worldwide to provide complete visibility over how sensitive information is created, accessed and used by staff. As the value of intellectual property and personal data rises dramatically, more organisations are recognising the importance of monitoring user activities to protect sensitive data and IT systems. The Dtex SystemSkan technology suite has a near-zero impact on network traffic while ensuring information systems are used properly and in a secure manner.

As one of the most prestigious brands in the automotive industry, Aston Martin develops cutting-edge technology to deliver world class performance both on and off the track. Recognising that this intellectual property is of paramount importance to their business, information security has become a core requirement for the group. Visibility over sensitive data and IT systems is critical and Dtex Systems has been tasked with the execution of this worldwide vision, both trackside with Aston Martin Racing and behind the scenes throughout the Prodrive engineering group.

“We have already realised considerable value from the SystemSkan software and I am delighted that we have appointed Dtex Systems as an official Aston Martin Racing partner. It is now a fundamental business requirement for us to understand how IT systems are used and how information is accessed, processed and shared by our employees and suppliers. The Dtex SystemSkan product suite provides us with vital intelligence about what our users are doing with systems and data, without impacting system performance or workload” - Michael Cloete, Chief Information Officer for Prodrive and Aston Martin Racing.