Aston Martin DBRS9

Aston Martin Daytona Prototype- Riley MkXI

This is the worlds only Aston Martin powered Daytona Prototype! The same version of this car won overall at the 24 Hours of Daytona this year. It has just had a complete rebuild done by Rocketsports. They have also built 2 spectacular Aston Martin engines that come with the package, as well as five sets of Fiske wheels. Rocketsports has done all the engineering work to mate the new power plant to the chassis. This is as perfect and as new as a race car gets. We have prepared this car to be ready for immediate entry into the Grand-AM Daytona Prototype series. It can also run as is, in SVRA, NASA, and SCCA. There are many places to go with this car. Full MOTEC system, FAST helmet and cool suit. It is in perfect condition. Much, much more detail in a full report on rebuild, available to serious parties.

MX-5 Cup 

Lake Forest Sportscars Semi Trailer